Corksawtooth Pavilion



Proposal, 2017


The Cork Sawtooth pavilion is designed as a prominent lantern seeking to draw reference to Columbia and Brunswick Wharf’s industrial past and transformation into a highly valuable workspace for emerging creative disciplines.

The pavilion’s distinct saw-tooth profile is emblematic of the multitude of industrial warehouses that are prominent along Regent’s canal and that are now widely occupied by emerging artists. It’s unrelenting form reads as a rising visual extension of the warehouse upon which it sits.

The principle material, expanded cork, provides the pavilion with its distinct unyielding appearance and natural earthy tone. Typically used as a sustainable alternative to wall insulation in the construction industry, expanded cork is readily available in blocks and will be used to form the pavilion’s walls.

The cork material also enables collaborators to pin-up their discussion notes and presentations bringing added functional use to all aspects of the pavilion’s design.

Naturally grown, the product is not only durable, waterproof and lightweight, but will also fully re-enter the product life-cycle after disassembly. 


Credits: structuremode