Asian Heritage Protection Conference

Heritage and its protection is conceived differently in various parts of the world. The conference we participated at in Bangkok made this clearer than ever. Heritage protection is able to bring intangible, but also very practical and immediate benefits at various scales of society.


Tooting terrace Remodelling

We’re excited to begin designs for the complete remodelling of the home of a furniture aficionado and her family. The design involves rethinking the vertical circulation of the existing building to create more organic spatial relationships.


300 Hills hotel

We are excited to share first images of our designs for a hotel in Thailand. The concept takes cues from the vertical zoning of a traditional Thai house for the spatial organisation of public and private areas within the complex for 150 rooms. The ground floor is arranged as a sequence of rooms around a naturally ventilate patio, allowing for views up to the platform level and out to the surrounding lush landscape.


Brixton House

Some first images from our loft extension in Brixton. The key design element providing the spatial organisation of the loft is a floor to ceiling wardrobe/storage wall. The divider creates a ‘hidden’ en-suite whilst simultaneously providing plenty of storage space for the master bedroom.


Patio House

Our South London extension to a Victorian end-of-terrace is on site and nearing completion. Titled patio house the kitchen extension makes use of the patio as an 'additional' room, visually extending the kitchen beyond the new sliding doors.