Architecture photography tour

We've guided an Architecture photography tour for Effe.Quattro through the city of London. The Italian group shot iconic buildings such as the Gherkin, but also lesser known side alleys and historic buildings.


London Design Festival 2019

We're currently looking for one or several partners to participate jointly in the London Design Festival later this year. Should you or your company be interested in getting exposure through one of the largest design festivals please be in touch.


Bangkok Design Week 2019

Studioort took part in the Bangkok Design Week 2019 together with our friends from Satarana to look at the use of public pavements in Bangkok.


Asian Heritage Protection Conference

Heritage and its protection is conceived differently in various parts of the world. The conference we participated at in Bangkok made this clearer than ever. Heritage protection is able to bring intangible, but also very practical and immediate benefits at various scales of society.