urban IDENTITIES : reading pavements


London Festival of Architecture

Clerkenwell, 27.06 - 29.06.2018


The exhibition URBAN IDENTITIES : READING PAVEMENTS formed part of the London Festival of Architecture in June 2018 and was on show at Solus' showroom at 80 Clerkenwell Street, London EC15RJ.

Kindly supported by: Solus Ceramics and Robert Partington & Partners

The physical identity of our cities is composed of multiple dualities ranging from public to private, from transient to permanent or from planned to coincidental. It is a diverse and layered identity, constantly evolving, yet miraculously resilient.
The exhibition focuses on a particular, physical element that tacitly assigns identity to the public realm. An element which covers more civic space than any other: the pavement.
The pavement forms a space in a city that reflects ownership, a society’s financial wealth as well as it’s aesthetic sensibility. It must address functionality, maintenance issues and comply with health and safety. A pavement can adapt to the historical context and to the particularity of the building it lines. It can reveal a story of inclusiveness and our ability to reach consent between conflicting interests.
The installation offers a view on the mundane and trivial pavement, as a formative element adding to citizens’ collective identity.



Elena Boni, Pavandeep S. Panesar



Solus, Elena Boni